Why Telehealth Works for Me

Factors that make TeleHealth inevitable

Telehealth/Telemedicine or “M-health” (mobile health) is a relatively new phenomenon still in its infancy stages but it has been a go-to medical procedure for many due to its user-friendly nature and economical as well as geographical convenience. Telemedicine is the deliverance of health-related services and information through telecommunication technologies, it has become an inevitable part of medical practice nowadays and there are a host of different reasons for that, some of the main reasons that call for “doctors by phone” are defined here:

  • Reduces the need of costly human-interactions:

It is the most “cost saving” method of medical services, especially in case of long term medical conditions such as: high blood pressure and diabetes which require constant medical care and attention and might be quite heavy on the pocket if done at a hospital.

  • Economical, patient-centered, and flexible:

Telemedicine is another way to “save on medical visits” at a health care facility. Doctors by phone are sometimes even better at providing most attentive interaction in certain cases and scenarios. The urgent medical needs within limited financial resources requires a cost effective yet long term solution specially in case of terminal illnesses, where telemedicine comes in handy.

  • More efficient health care access:

Health care has become redundantly specialized and exclusive with time, growing specialization services have better outcomes but with such expertise come the hefty price also and not everyone can afford it especially those who live in distant and remote areas where transportation becomes exceedingly difficult. In such cases “Doctors by phone” seem like a more feasible option, where chronic patients get centralized and undivided attention at the fraction of a price and with far more convenience and comfort as well.

Best medical care for the elderly:

Telemedicine or doctor by phone or a more recent term “M-health” (mobile health), provides 24/7 monitoring which allows people to be watched under surveillance while sitting at the comfort of their homes, new technological advancement has made it possible to provide full time surveillance in presence of monitoring tools and devices such as camera’s, video conferencing etc. Telemedicine especially comes in handy for the elderly patients as it gives the elderly, the best independence possible with a reduced cost as well.

Increased public demand:

There is a constant increase in public demand for “telemedicine” and “doctors by phone” facilities which shows that people want medical help but in the comfort of their homes and privacy. These days self-monitoring tools and gadgets are in high demand for managing lifestyle factors such as diet, activity levels and medical conditions like blood pressure, weight management, quitting smoking etc. so it has become a need of the day as well.